hypnosis creative, rockville, maryland
hypnosis creative, rockville, maryland

Clients Testimonials

I am deeply grateful to every person who comes into my office and accepts my help and knowledge. Thank you all who were able to find time for sharing your experience. Let your success inspire others to create desired change in their own lives.


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"Although I initially visited Tatiana to change a few behaviors and improve my health, I quickly found that she is a wonderful resource for improving many aspects of my life. Her services go far beyond hypnosis, and she uses a holistic approach to guide you towards your specific goals. A session with her is like having therapy, life coaching, and spiritual guidance rolled into one. Her approach beautifully incorporates working with the subconscious mind as well as offering practical and actionable ideas and suggestions to help you experience greater peace and happiness in life. She has introduced me to numerous resources that I’ve found beneficial and would otherwise not have explored. For me hypnosis has not been a quick fix for a specific problem but has been a tool for ongoing self-discovery and healing (both physically and emotionally). After experiencing a number of dramatic insights through working with Tatiana on a regular basis I would confidently recommend her to others on a spiritual path." — Ann L.*

"Working with Tatiana has been an amazing experience. I originally went to her in the hope that she would help me cover over my anxiety and depression so that I would be able to move faster and easier through life. Instead, she has shown me that the very fact that I have been running from them for so long is precisely why my pain has continued to grow. She has provided me a safe space in which to face them as well as numerous strategies for living in harmony with them in daily life. Some of the strategies worked immediately; some have taken longer to implement effectively. Throughout, Tatiana has been a teacher, coach and friend. She is knowledgeable in many psychological and spiritual disciplines and has a talent for combining disciplines and practices to find what resonates with and works for her clients. Before I met Tatiana, even just glancing at my fears would have been unthinkable. Now, I am spending time each day sitting with them, getting to know them, and I can feel them losing their grip as a result." — A.G.*

"I can not say enough amazing things about my experience with Tatiana. After only one session, I had amazing results. I have continued to see her off an on for the past year and a half for ´check-ins.´ She has massively catapulted my personal development and I really appreciate her deep and broad knowledge and her intuitive approach. Hypnotherapy is just one of the modalities that Tatiana relies on - her knowledge and experience in so many other modalities, and how she combines them in her own unique way are what make her a truly special healer, mentor and coach. For anyone looking to further either their spiritual or personal growth, extra support with any health or personal blocks. I highly recommend Tatiana." — Melina P.*

"For 10 years, I've struggled with a crippling and expensive chewing tobacco addiction. At the height of it all, I'd use Tobacco 12-16 hours a day. After my first session with Tatiana, I no longer have the desire, motivation, or unquenchable cravings to use. Not only did my addiction cease, but I've instantly noticed that my highly irregular sleeping patterns have restored to a normal cycle and I feel rested and alert each morning. My first thoughts each day are no longer controlled by nicotine and the poison associated with it. Thank you Tatiana!" — Chris H.*

"While struggling with life and my spiritual journey, I knew I needed help. I did a Google search and found Tatiana. From the first phone call (to set up an appointment) to a couple of sessions now, I feel she is a very caring and genuine being. She is truly very passionate about what she does and how she delivers it. What she does it's not a job for her; it is her calling. She has been very open and honest, yet gentle, during our interactions, which is something I appreciate tremendously. She has helped me realize so many things that make so much sense now. With her help, I feel things are getting so much better and will continue getting even betterTatiana, thank you! I will forever be grateful.— Nery R.*

"I'm a filmmaker and I wasn't just blocked with my writing but I have been tortured by my own thoughts. The hypnosis didn't just put me to sleep and implant mystical ideas in my mind. It relaxed me so I could get me in touch with my subconscious. This experience could not have been realized without Tatiana's genuine care and guidance. She was so respectful and in tune with my situation that it made it so easy to open up and enjoy the whole experience. My writing and directing improved immediately after just one session. And by the end of the second session I was seeing reviews and critiques only as positive notes and I'm able to progress so much more efficiently with my cinematic vision. I can't tell you how much better my sleep is too. Just restful, good night sleep without the constant waking up throughout the night." — John I.*

"I highly recommend Hypnosis Creative to anyone with self-acceptance and anxiety issues. Before trying hypnosis sessions with Tatiana I had severe depression and had frequent anxiety attacks. I was on medication for theses problems and tried therapy but it did not help. I was skeptical about hypnosis at first but decided to give it a try and I'm very glad that I did. Right after our first session I felt much better about myself. Tatiana also taught me one technique, which really helped me with my anxiety attacks. Now, after five sessions with Tatiana, I can tell that hypnosis did wonders for me. I feel much better about myself, I don't have panic attacks, and most important I am off my antidepressants. I can tell for sure that hypnosis helped me with my sleep problems and constant feeling of apathy which I had before. I actually want to be active and take good care of myself! Also, I want to mention that Tatiana is not only very professional hypnotherapist but also a really nice and kind person. I felt very comfortable during our sessions and cannot thank enough for her help" — Natalia S.*

"I approached this practice with an open mind and open heart and have gained so much from my emotional investment. Tatianna has assisted me in getting in touch with some of my innate strengths and accessing them in the most efficient and meaningful ways to enhance my living. I feel very blessed that my life’s journey has introduced me to Tatianna and her practice of constructive, empowering, meaningful hypnosis." — Amoke A.*

"Tatiana is a dedicated practitioner who possess excellent skills in hypnosis and NLP. First, she took the time to know me — my goals, my fears, my personality. She pays great attention to detail and I felt very comfortable with her approach. Next, she created a very tranquil atmosphere in which I was able to completely relax. Then, she took me on a journey of self-discovery. The sound of her voice soothed me as she guided me to a deeper understanding of myself and my life. I found at the end of sessions a great release of tension and stress. I also found myself seeing things from a new (and deeper) perspective. If you are interested in truly finding the real you and releasing your false self, contact Tatiana as soon as possible." — J.S.*

"Thanks to Tatiana Watson, I am smoke free now. I cannot even describe the joy of being a non-smoker. Tatiana called me prior to our first appointment to address my questions - I was very skeptical that hypnosis would actually work on me. I have been a smoker for over 20 years, and come from a family of smokers. My mom quit through hypnosis about 10 years ago - so naturally I decided to give it a shot. I have to say I never even tried quitting because I never thought it would work. I did not believe that hypnosis would help either but I was willing to give it a try. I am so happy that i did!
Tatiana is wonderful and not only did she help me quit that nasty and disguisting habit - she also helped me lear the power of meditation and I learned how to reduce stress with hypnosis. Remember that all you need is 100% willingness to quit and with Tatiana's help, you will be smoke free that same day! I am so grateful, Thank you so much!" —A.I.*

"Tatiana worked with me on memory improvement/memory recall and provided me a variety of self-help tools to use for focus and relaxation. She provides a comfortable setting and pleasant demeanor quickly putting me at ease, which allowed for a more productive session.


I first contacted her with a specific goal in mind; however, the methods that she shared can be used well beyond my initial need and I look forward to using them in the future. Results may not be immediate but my patience was rewarded." — Patrick S.*

"With Tatiana's help, I have finally figured out how to meditate with success (without falling asleep), as well as to look at life in a much more positive, present way by just letting go of the things that do not serve me. Consequently, she is nothing short of Awesome! Pure love... and her wisdom and skills are unparalleled as she draws upon knowledge she has artfully combined from only the most useful and relevant sources, including life experiences, broad literature research including most any health topic you can imagine that may be part of what brought one to her in the first place, as well as a plethora of the most deep thinking experts in the field.

Even with her arsenal of resources and background, there is something very powerful and very special about Tatiana and her approach. For one, she really takes the time to listen, which shows she really (TRULY), cares about each of her clients and this is becoming a rarity in this day and age as other therapist are constantly checking their clocks (in your face even sometimes), or using jarring alarms to warn us that their sessions are bout to end, which really can mess up the vibe of the session, as well as make you feel like a number. Instead, Tatiana, lovingly and tactfully ends each session with the care we all crave and deserve, which lets me know she loves her work too. Why not? She is awesome at it so I am so very happy I found her.

I recommend her most highly." Jean C.*


"When I started hypnosis I was skeptical about the outcome. Knowing I come from a culture which does not practice this type of thing. However after a few sessions I realize that hypnosis does work because it has helped me change some few areas in my life. I could not focus in school nor could not lead myself to the right paths I should be on. After a few sessions I started to see some transformation in my life. I become more oriented and felt a sense of purpose; it is as if I become a new person. What I like the most about who is helping me (Tatiana) is she does not rush with you between her sessions you will often feel a sense of connection, meaning she deeply cares about you and the outcome you want to achieve. I strongly recommend Tatiana for hypnosis for anyone who’s looking for a new begging with different things in life." — V.C.*

"Tatiana is a gifted practitioner and has been a critical partner in my personal journey. She has great insight and wisdom, is nonjudgmental, and is generous with her knowledge. And probably most importantly, she has taught me how to access within myself what I am looking for. What a wonderful gift. Thank you Tatiana!" — S.L.*

"When I first met with Tatiana I was not sure what I really wanted to achieve. I had never looked into hypnosis before. I had past issues that needed to be resolved. I also needed to address an underlying stress that was adversely affecting me on many levels. It’s not often that someone really listens to you and understands what you are saying. Tatiana did both very well. She presents a calm, peacefulness which shrouds a deep intellect and understanding of human nature. She truly cared. Her caring shows in her attentiveness to making the experience as comfortable as possible. Her office space, for example, is an oasis of serenity. Does hypnosis work? I can only speak for myself. I work in a high stress job. My co-workers have commented that I seem more relaxed. Also, I have a parrot who feeds off of my emotions. Since I have been in the DC area she has started picking her feathers. After working with Tatiana, my parrot is letting more feathers grow back and she is keeping them longer. I’m very happy with the results of my sessions. Tatiana has a wonderful understanding of being in the present and is skilled at helping one experience living in the “now”. — Wayne F.*

"Many years ago I was seriously affected by a traumatic car accident and did not want to drive since that time. After moving to Australia I had to renew my driver's license but the fear of driving was so strong that I failed the test twice. I started working with a local hypnotherapist and had got some relief but the fear came back very soon.


I connected on Skype with Tatiana and after two sessions I was able to experience a great relief and to my big surprise my fear of driving was goneEven though we connect on Skype, I feel that she transmits a powerful energy that helps to relax and feel the positive transformation happening during the session. She introduced me to EFT and taught me how to use it as a great self-help tool. I did a round of EFT before taking the driving test and passed it. Then I started using it in the morning for other issues like if I wake up feeling anxious. It really helps me to be in control of my emotions. It's so good to live without fear. Thank you! I hope a lot more people will benefit from your talent."  — Olga H.*

"Tatiana Watson is an extremely compassionate, dedicated and talented practitioner. Tatiana brought me to deeper levels of emotional understanding, healing and self love. I found her to be very committed to providing tools that I have been able to use daily to help me find clarity, manage stress and anxiety, as well as assist me to view others' perspectives with empathy and compassion. Tatiana was very insightful and deeply cared about my process – she approached every one of our six visits together with much personal time, care and attention to my individual needs.


I would highly recommend working with Tatiana. I am grateful for the resources she has given me to find a deeper experience, understanding and appreciation for all that happens in life. I look forward to working with her further." — Gina P.*

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