hypnosis creative, rockville, maryland
hypnosis creative, rockville, maryland

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My name is Tatiana Watson and I am looking forward to meeting you.


For many years, I have worked in various areas of creative art, ranging from architecture and fashion design to graphic design and photography. A life-long passion for psychology, human development, and holistic health and wellness influenced my eventual arrival to the current profession.


Some years ago, I developed a repetitive strain injury (RSI) which prevented me from continuing to work in graphic design and photography. As a result of the injury, I experienced an extreme physical pain, felt powerless and had to reassess my perspective on life. Becoming a disabled artist brought the hardest physical and mental challenge, which I successfully resolved. In attempt to avoid surgery and potentially harmful medications, I employed my never-ending curiosity and began to explore the mindfulness-based approaches to healing. While using multiple modalities of alternative medicine for my own recovery, I studied Hypnosis, meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This process profoundly transformed my life. With time, focus, and persistence, I was able to overcome my physical limitations and become a much healthier and happier person than I was before the injury.


My personal experience brought me a deeper understanding of the range of possibilities within the human mind, body, and spirit. Now I am fully dedicated to helping others discover their own potential for a richer and healthier life.  

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Tatiana Watson


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Certified Hypnotist

Reconnective Healing foundational practitioner 

NLP Master Practitioner

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