hypnosis creative, rockville, maryland
hypnosis creative, rockville, maryland

A review of the impact of hypnosis, relaxation, guided imagery and individual difference on aspects of immunity and health

A Review of the Impact of Hypnosis, Rela[...]
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Affective Immunology: where emotions and the immune response converge

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The efficacy, safety and applications of medical hypnosis

Med Hypn meta 2016.pdf
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Basic steps of the Visual Squash (Parts Integration Technique)

This video is intended for use as a reference for practicing the Visual Squash Technique.


Learn how to use 

   Mindfulness and
   Energy healing

• Stress relief

• Confidence

• Better relationship

• Enhanced creativity

• School performance

• Improved sleep

• Pain management

• Weight management

• Energy balancing

Other services

Holistic health coaching

Spiritual counseling

Reconnective healing


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